Our Founding Principle

Pacific Crest Community School was founded on the belief that all students can achieve amazing things when given the opportunities, resources, support and permission to do so. One of the important ways we express this belief is by giving students the freedom and responsibility to design their own curriculum. In choosing their own course of study within the framework of individual long-term goals, students become engaged in their education and find relevance in the learning process.

“The education of an individual is such an intimate, exciting process, full of personal epiphanies where you say, ‘Aha! I get that!’ As a teacher, it’s absolutely an honor and a thrill to play a part in those moments. It’s why we do this job.”

– Becky Lukens
Co-founder, Pacific Crest

Individually Tailored Education

Students achieve success at different rates and through different modes. At Pacific Crest a student along with his/her advisor and parents work closely together to design an academic program that suits the personal speed, style and educational objectives of each individual. Pacific Crest students are expected to attain the highest levels of their capabilities, and they are fully supported in this quest by individual mentoring, small class sizes averaging ten to fifteen students, and by highly qualified teachers who are passionate about their work.

Students are challenged academically and creatively in a broad spectrum of mixed-age classes in the arts, foreign languages, social sciences, language arts, mathematics and sciences. Written evaluations, instead of grades, are used to track student progress. In addition, students build and maintain a portfolio of their work spanning the entire course of their studies at Pacific Crest. A rigorous senior project of the student’s own design completes his/her journey at the school.